Saturday, January 26, 2008

more catchup

So last everybody heard, I didn't do my Thursday morning run. I went for a nice walk at lunch time and had my left leg give me hell about that. What with a couple things the scheduled ride for Thursday night didn't happen, bed did.

Friday morning I zoomed off for my swim. I was thinking of doing a nice steady 3 K and see what sort of time that turned out to be. Well shit, so much for that idea. I packed it in at 1.5 K, after 30:33. The first K was barely ok at 19:52. For a while I decided to believe the pool staff had found this clear molassas, but it was pretty clear my stroke had totally fallen apart. For a while I had seriously begun to wonder if I'd forgotten how to swim. It never got any better, and in fact, the last few laps were probably the slowest ones I'd done since some time in 2006. No swim cap with shark fin. Sigh. I've seldom felt so tired getting out of the pool. Normally a swim energizes me and I feel great. Sometimes a bit tired if I've pushed it, but a good tired. This was a dog dragging it's tail tired.

The number was a bright spot though, a solid 241, even with missing out on some of the workouts.

I dashed off a quick note to Greg about the situation, and he suggested I take a few days off, relax, reflect on my progress, and let my calf heal. Sounds good to me. I've made a lot of progress very quickly for a mumblty year old bod, and it shouldn't be a surprise it wants a break. Next week I'll call the accupuncture guy that my wife goes to, and I've been to a few times. He's got solid steel fingers, and a bit of the electra-stim or whatever its called can't hurt. Meanwhile, everything in the bedroom smells of Tiger Balm.

I was in a Business Analyst course all day Friday and Saturday, and was cheered to find one of the people in my group is from Penticton, and has been volunteering at IMC for years and years. We had lunch with a couple of her buddies in the tri community, and it was great chatting with them! The one fellow did a Florida IM in an astonishing time, I think under 12 hours, essentially hopping on one leg like Terry Fox for a good part of it because the other had seized up.

Friday night was an Argentine Tango class, and that turned into a killer for my calf. Something about the lock steps we were doing had my right shin banging into my left calf, which didn't help, and the style of the dance has your weight forward, pulling on sore muscles. So I'll see how things go tonight. I'm cuing up Alien, some more wine, some cookies (oink!) and evaluate how I feel in the morning. If good and refereshed, I'll do the Sunday ride. If I'm still tired, I'll pass.

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  1. hey make sure you take care of the calf - i know what you mean about swimming falling apart - when its is good - its great - when it is bad it SUCKS and makes me one very pissi witch!! Take the rest, your body will thank you and so will your mind.


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