Thursday, January 3, 2008

The horror of shopping

I did it. I'm proud of myself. The trip to the mall to buy pants is harder and much less nice than any of my workouts so far. But it turns out pants that fit have a 6 inch smaller waist than the pants I wore most of the time. Two pair of jeans; that will have to hold me till I figure out where my weight stabalizes. I'm still totally choked that I had to try on 3 pairs to find the size and style that was comfey. Oh, and a belt too.

The spin session was a lot of fun.
10 min warm up
7 min at 90 rpm then 3 min rest
7 min at 100 rpm then 3 min rest, both in my usual starting gear.
20 min at 90 rpm in a harder gear, heart rate was around 125 then entire time, then 3 min rest.
10 x 30 seconds on, 1.5 min off. The on portion was in the hardest gear doing at least 100 rpm.
10 min cool down

Total 80 min. This felt like a good solid workout.

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  1. jeans shopping...ya, welcome to the life of a chick...i have no sympathy for got off easy only having to try on 3 pair of pants. LOL.


    (and i'm very very proud of you that your waist is 6 inches smaller - HIGH FIVE!!)


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