Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2 hour spin session

This was my first 2 hour spin on this bike. It's taken a while to get comfy on the bike for longer periods. I guess the little bit less padding on the saddle makes a big difference.

So lets see. I did a longer warm up than usual to calm myself down after the frazzled traffic. There's times I seriously believe that half the drivers in Calgary shouldn't be allowed on the road. Ever. Idiots.

One legged drills. A cadence pyramid. Two long sets of high intensity effort. Maybe some other stuff that I've forgotten. A hill climb in honour of one of the regulars who is off climbing a mountain. Not sure which one. Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua were the two names I heard, but nobody seemed quite sure. Maybe something else. Cool down.

It all went quite well. Hams felt a bit tight, but not as bad as this morning. Hands, arms, and butt felt pretty good. Well, except for the time I sat down at a bit of an angle and caught a fold of bike shorts on some sensitive flesh. Lots of great Cha-cha-cha music that made me want to get off the bike and dance. For a while I thought my spin trainer was acting up, but then I realized it was the vibrations from 5'2" of snoring happening right next to me. I wouldn't have thought someone could fall asleep on their bike, but she sure enough was trying!

Oh, and I can actually pedal with my hands on the dropped part of the handlebars without my legs pummeling and churning my gut. They still touch, but it's not a slap slap slap anymore. Yahoo!

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  1. lol...yes, even women can pinch that sensi flesh area if they sit a little wonky in the saddle, although, I am guessing it might not be quite as damaging to us.

    Was Susi sleeping next to you? LOL

    I hear yeah on the legs hitting the tummy area....I notice when I do core, and have some ability to keep that from flopping about with no control that I can almost look like a real cyclist. Sometimes.


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