Friday, December 7, 2007

Quickie spin and Golden Compass

I slipped out of work a bit early, then jumped on the bike almost as soon as I got home. The IGP™ called for a 45 minute spin.

10 min warmup, then onto the big chainring and the 3rd easiest gear on the back.
5 min at 90 rpm, then one harder gear
5 min at 90 rpm, then one harder gear
5 min at 90 rpm, then one easier gear (breathing hard and sweating a bucket by now, with heart rate about 145.)
5 min at 90 rpm, then one easier gear (heart rate down a bit)
5 min at 90 rpm, then back into a way easier gear (heart rate coming down nicely)
10 min cool down. (heart rate ending about 115 or so)

Then we met some friends to go see The Golden Compass. I loved it! The story is wonderful, the characters superbly portrayed, the mix of real world and CGI is brilliant. I want to see the next two made, so go see it in the theatre. You might have heard about the controversy caused by some religious people claiming it's an assault on religion, especially Christianity, and especially the Roman Catholic faith. I can see how some people might read it that way, but it could equally be interpreted as an assault on all authority figures. Other than that, I say if the shoe fits....

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