Sunday, December 16, 2007

nice day for a spin and run

The IGP™ called for bike 80 then run 15. However, I'm consumed with guilt about missing my Thursday/Friday 45 min bike. I figure I feel as much guilt as Greg does about missing a swim. It's that season; I went to a bit of a reunion with some a group of us that used to work together, and the other night was an office party.

So I decided to ride a bit extra today. What was odd is that the last few sessions my bike and trainer have been quiet. Today the bike sounded like a bowl of Rice Krispies right from the start, and no, it's not my joints. There was also a whoosh, whoosh sound I don't remember hearing before. I managed to mostly ignore it, and they mostly went away.

I looked at the trainer after the run, and found the hinge a bit loose, so I tighted it up. It might have been a bit tight on the tire, so I slacked it off a bit. Then I was spinning the back tire and looking at this fine line on the rim, and it's moving. As in up and down. I'm guessing my back wheel is slightly out of true, but I'll get Greg to look at it next Tues.

Overall the spin session went quite well. The bike is getting more comfortable, and I think I've migrated up a gear or two for my base spin setting.

20 min warm up, nice and easy.
1 legged drills for 10 min, 3x 30 sec rl, 30 sec both, 30 sec ll, 30 sec both
4 sets of 90 rpm for 1 min each in progressivly harder gears, rest 1 min
5 min at 100 rpm 3 min rest, 2 min at 110 rpm, 3 min rest 4 min at 100 rpm, 3 min rest.
8 minutes big gear 60 rpm 2 minutes rest (was concentrating on going round, rather than up and down, could feel it!)
30 seconds fast then 1.5 min rest, with fast being 90, 100, 120, 130, then 160. That last one was all out and I was seeing spots in front of my eyes, and I'm not sure I actually did the full 30 seconds. HR zoomed to 145.
10 min cool down
1.5 hr altogether

Then a 3 minute transition, and a 20 min run that was about 3 K. My heartrate started at below 100, and spent the entire run in the low 140's. My breathing was strong, no gasping, but I'm glad I wasn't trying to carry on a conversation. At the end of the run my HR was 145, and a walking minute later it was 117.

My weekly totals
Swim 1.9 hr
Bike 3 hr
Run 1.75
Total 6.66 hrs.


  1. glad you and your wfie enjoyed the post - i tell ya - i was beside myself trying to contain it at work!!! oh, and it is my ex that made the comment - oh well - look at me!! he obviously has it all wrong :)

  2. Hey Keith...good job on the training...I bought myself a Garmin 305. I will keep you posted on how I make out with it...I am a bit of a dummy when it comes to technology but my buddy who just qualified for Boston swears by hers...and that is really what I am going on!!


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