Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The necessities

After the big spin workout last night, I wasn't up for a really intense swim. I had started to get some back muscle cramping on the way home last night. It got better during the spin, then I cramped up again overnight. I was hoping the swim would relax me, and it did for a bit. The planned walk at lunch was called off because of windy and blowing snow, and some general wimpiness on my part. I'll probably end up taking some Robaxisal for it tonight, and putting on some Tiger balm.

500 m nice and easy, 9:45
5x50 m hard, not sure of time because pace clock is way off to the slow lane side.
500 m easy 9:51
20 minutes of pool pilates

total 1250 m.

So far this pool has been really good, much better than I remember it being a about a year ago. There isn't quite as much choice for run routes, unless I want to run on the streets, but there's a heck of a hill. I'll have to look at Google Earth and see how much elevation change there is. The one shower is totally the bomb, and the others aren't bad. Not like the ones at the geezer pool where 3 drunks peeing could put out more fluid and pressure.

The less glamorous side of the fitness adventure is upon me tonight. Laundry. The thought of putting sweat dried workout gear back on again just grosses me out. And what would you all say if I dropped a run because I didn't have clean socks? You'd laugh, that's what you'd do. That and the extra towels adds up pretty quick. Eventually my employer will complete the gym and shower, and then there will be a place to hang stuff. For now, I have to do it somewhat discretely in my office, and I don't want any complaints.

Somewhere along one way, one of my fuzzy running socks has escaped. I suspected it of consorting, cavorting, and otherwise carrying on with one of my wife's socks, but a careful search of the sock harem didn't turn up mine. We now suspect it's hiding inside a folded up T shirt, or maybe a towel. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

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  1. Oh Keith ...3 drunks peeing could put out more fluid and pressure funny. AND, to make it even worse you gotta keep slapping them on the ass (or pushing the button) to keep the water coming ....


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